How to create a 1-on-1 meeting booking page

Create your one-on-one booking page and start receiving bookings in less than 5 minutes!

Go to Pages > click on "New Page" > choose "One-on-One":

1. Set up your Appointment Types

You can offer your visitors multiple appointment types/services with different duration, capacity, and price. By default, your Sprintful account will have two appointment types ready-made (30 minute and 60 minute meetings).

Click on the existing appointment type to edit the duration, add a service name, service description, add a price, and more. If you would like to delete an appointment type, click on the appointment type then click on the "Delete" button. 

If you offer more than one service, you can show visitors a "service selection screen" before viewing available times.

If you would like to add additional appointment types/services, click on "+Add New Appointment Type", configure the settings for your new appointment type, then click on "Save".

2. Add Calendar Options

Sync your calendars to make sure that you’re never double booked. Sprintful can seamlessly sync with all your external calendars making sure that you never miss an important event.

By choosing to sync with external calendars, Sprintful will be able to read your availability from multiple calendars and never show time slots where you're busy.

To sync with external calendars, click on "Add Calendar":

Then choose from the supported calendar integrations (Google Calendar, Outlook Online, Office Calendar, and MS Exchange).

After integrating your external calendars, you'll need to choose one Primary Calendar. A "Primary Calendar" is the calendar that will host events created by Sprintful.

3. Configure Time Slots

Set your daily availability from the drop-down menu. If you chose to sync external calendars, then certain time slots will be blocked/unavailable based on your schedule.

If you have a set daily break time, you can configure it from the option below:

You can also manually block dates or time slots:

Advanced Settings

Sprintful brings deeper settings to your scheduling rules, including how soon a meeting can be booked (short-notice protection), how far ahead can a client book you (e.g. no more than two weeks), and how packed your daily schedule can be (e.g. 15 minutes minimum buffer between meetings).

4. Booking Form

Sprintful’s booking form gives you the flexibility you need to have fully informed meetings with your clients. Collect customer details (name, email, phone number):

Add custom questions a visitor needs to answer before booking a meeting with you (e.g company name, use case, etc), and collect file attachments.

You can add more questions by clicking on "+Add New Question":

Specify the "answer type", add hints, and select whether the question is required.

5. Location / Video Conferencing

For in-person meetings, choose "Custom location" and type in the address.

Some meetings can take place as a video conference. Sprintful seamlessly integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams automatically adding links to calendar events.

6. Notifications

Reduce no-shows by sending customized notifications that match your brand’s tone:

Send custom emails and/or SMS notifications on booking, on reschedule, on reminders, and cancellations. Learn how to configure notifications from our support articles.

7. Branding

Sprintful gives you full control over the look and feel of your booking page to reflect your professional brand.

Add your logo and brand colors.

Advanced Settings

Sprintful offers deeper branding to your booking page. Add a page title, confirmation message, and custom domain. You can also change your booking page language. If you don't see your language listed, just send us a note and it should be pretty quick for us to put it together. If you're the adventurous kind, you can easily add your own language by following the steps here.

Advanced users may choose to customize CSS of their booking pages. This means that you have full control over every color, pixel, and aspect of the booking page.

After you finish setting up your calendar, click on "Save". 

That's it! You can share your calendar link or embed it on your website.

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