How do I integrate Microsoft Teams?

To integrate Sprintful with Microsoft Teams:

1) Go to the Integrations view and click on "New Integration"

From the list of integrations, find Microsoft Teams and click on "Add Integration":

2) Click on "Connect to Microsoft Teams":

3) Sign in to your Microsoft account.

4) An authorization prompt will appear for your consent. Click on "Yes":

Your Microsoft Teams is now connected to Sprintful. See the next section for usage instructions.

How to set Microsoft Teams as a video conference "location"?

1) Once integrated, go to the Pages view and click on "New Page".

2) Navigate to the Location view (on the left), then click on "Add Location Option":

Choose Microsoft Teams from the drop down list. Hit "Next" then "Save". 

3) After saving, whenever someone books a meeting with you, they will receive a calendar invite with a unique Microsoft Teams link.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams?

Go to Integrations view. Find the Microsoft Teams integration and click "Configure". In the following view, click on "Delete" from the left.This will permanently delete your Microsoft Teams Sprintful integration, and revoke any active tokens. No Microsoft Teams data is preserved on Sprintful after deletion.

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