How do I add a new language?

Sprintful supports many languages already, and it's pretty easy and quick for us to add one more. Having said that, we also believe in giving our users maximum flexibility. To that end, users are able to create their own language (by customizing an existing one), giving you control over the entire UI.

Step #1: edit an existing Page or create a new one

Step #2: go to the "Branding" step, and scroll down to the "Advanced options" section. In there, expand "Language & locale", and click "Configure".

Step #3: choose a base language, such as "English", then expand "Customize labels". From there, you will be presented with a JSON object that you can edit directly. Read more for couple of notes.

When editing this JSON object, only change the values and not the keys. This means only edit text within quotation and on the RIGHT SIDE of the colon (:). You can understand how this works by switching from one language to the other, and seeing what changes and what stays the same.

Confused? send us a note on what you'd like to change, and we'd be happy to do it for you.

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