How do I configure a custom domain name?

Configuring a custom domain is simple. You need to: 1) configure CNAME settings, 2) configure Sprintful integration, and 3) configure Sprintful booking pages.


Configuring CNAME

You need to choose a subdomain, and create a CNAME record that points

Configuring a CNAME record is highly dependent on your domain registrar provider. We recommend you Google "PROVIDER NAME CNAME" - example: "GoDaddy CNAME" and you're very likely to find instructions on how to configure CNAME records for the provider you're using.


Configure Sprintful

After you configure the CNAME of your domain, go to your Sprintful Dashboard, navigate to Integrations, click on "New Integration" and choose "Custom Domain". Follow the instructions on the screen.


Configure Sprintful Booking Page

You will need to associate a custom domain name with a booking page. To do so, edit a Page that you would like to use a custom domain name, navigate to "Branding" panel, and in the "Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the screen, choose "Configure custom domain" and select the domain name of your choice.


Custom Domain for Teams

If you're part of a team, only one member needs to create a Custom Domain integration. Once created, they can share that integration with the rest of the team, enabling other members to create booking pages using the same domain. To share an integration, go to your Sprintful Dashboard, navigate to Integrations, click on "Settings" and choose "Share". Then, enable sharing with the appropriate team. 

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