How to create a team booking page with round robin assignment

In this article we will demonstrate how to create a Round Robin team booking page. This is typically used by customer success teams, support staff, sales teams, and other use cases where you might need to create a unified page to book a meeting with one of your team members. 

IMPORTANT: to create a team booking page, first you'll need to create a team and invite members (billing can be centralized), then make sure that each member has their own one-on-one page.

To create a Round Robin team booking page:

Go to Pages > click on "New Pagechoose "Teams" as a booking page type:

Choose "Pooled availability":

Add your team members' booking pages by clicking on "Add Booking Page":

Select your teams' calendars from the list, then click on "Save":

Choose one of the available strategies (Round Robin flexible, Round Robin strict, and Prioritized assignment) depending on your use case:

Follow the rest of the setup wizard then click on "Save".

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