Impersonation for organizations

Sprintful supports "User Impersonation", which enables organization owners and managers to log in to the organization members' profiles without knowing their credentials/password, read or change data as necessary, then log back to their original accounts.

This feature is useful when organization members need assistance from the organization owner, such as configuring a booking page or diagnosing an integration.

How to enable organization impersonation  

Impersonation will be enabled by default when creating a new organization. To create a new organization, navigate to Dashboard > Organizations > New Organization.

You can only impersonate a member if:

  • You are the organization owner or manager
  • The organization was created with impersonation enabled (check from the "Settings" tab of your organization)
  • Member has accepted the invite to the organization

If all checks out, then open the organization and you will find a column on the right that says "Impersonate", and a green button that enables you to switch to their account. Please take a look at the three red arrows in the screenshot below.

How is security managed in impersonation?

Three security measures are implemented:

  • Impersonation can only be enabled when an organization is created, not after the creation
  • Members must opt-in to allow impersonation, otherwise, they will not be able to join the organization
  • All impersonation activity is logged in the "Audit Logs" which are visible to users on Enterprise Plan

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