Domain Capture for Teams

Sprintful supports "Domain Capture", which simplifies onboarding colleagues onto Sprintful. This article explains the concept of Domain Capture, and how to enable/disable it.


What is Domain Capture?

Domain Capture is a configuration that is applied to a Team within Sprintful. It ties a domain name (i.e. to a Team within Sprintful. Once enabled, any user who signs up to Sprintful using their work email will be automatically added to that team. 

For example, let's say Jane is the IT admin of ACME Inc. She signed up to Sprintful and created a Team with 50 licenses. To onboard her colleagues, she enables Domain Capture for ACME Inc employees. Now, any employee from ACME Inc can signup to Sprintful using their email, and they will be automatically added to Jane's team and the company's billing record within Sprintful. This makes for a smoother onboarding, where employees can signup without requesting explicit approval or action from Jane every time. 


How do I enable or disable Domain Capture?

Send an email to hello at Make sure to send the email from your work email, and it must match the profile you signed up with in In the subject line, specify "Enable domain capture" (or "Disable domain capture" as needed), and in the body of the email, please specify the name of the team within Sprintful where you would like to enable Domain Capture. 



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