Query strings and auto-fill forms

Sprintful supports query strings to auto-populate (or auto-fill) booking forms. This is useful if you already know the user's name, email, or other details. To use this, simply append ?name=John&email=john@example.com to the address of your booking page. 


Let's say your booking page is ( https://on.sprintful.com/dundermifflin), and you want to auto-populate the name and email (John Smith, john@example.com), then the address of your booking page will look like this:

Supported Query Strings

Sprintful supports lots of settings, including arbitrary (hidden) values. Quick overview:

  • Name (?name=XYZ)
  • Email (?email=XYZ)
  • Language (?language=XYZ), supported values include en, fr, sp, jp, ar, and many other languages
  • Service (?service=XYZ), will select the service who's name is specified
  • Date (?date=DD-MM-YYYY), will select the default date
  • Any value (will be treated as a hidden value, will appear in the booking record), useful for marketing attribution (such as ?utm=XYZ) or other use cases

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